Seller Services

We work closely with the buyer’s side settlement agent to coordinate the sale of your property, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review title provided by the buyer’s settlement agent
  • Order payoffs
  • Have your deed prepared by an attorney, as well as prepare any additional documents necessary
  • Collect invoices for repairs needed prior to closing
  • Coordinate with the buyer’s settlement agent for closing
  • Conduct closing – this is when you will execute all documents for the transaction
  • Send all seller signed documents to the buyer’s settlement company for recording and disbursing of funds.

Closing Disclosure and/or HUD-1 Settlement Statement: sets out all receipts and disbursements made by, on behalf of, or to the buyer and seller in the transaction.

Acknowledgement: that the closing attorney/settlement agent represents the lender.

IRS form 1099: reports the sale to the IRS.

Deed conveying title to buyer; deed may take one of several forms:

  •     Warranty Deed – warrants title against the claims of all persons;
  •     Limited or Special Warranty Deed – warrants title against the claims of all person claiming loss as a result of seller’s ownership;
  •     Quit-Claim Deed – contains no warranties as to title.

Affidavits: Where applicable, seller executes sworn statements relating to:

  •     name variations or “aliases”
  •     knowledge of matters relating to the title
  •     other matters specific to the particular transaction